SunplusYorkshire Deer Management is able to provide client deer stalking across North Yorkshire and further afield.  Whether you are a seasoned stalker or someone looking to progress their hobby, we can offer you unequalled stalking across the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire.  Located in one of the smallest cities in England – Ripon – we border some of the most spectacular views you will come across.  Whether it is a complex stalk or an evening in one of our high seats, you will not be disappointed with the deer stalking that North Yorkshire has to offer.

Please contact us for our latest prices for accompanied stalking in North Yorkshire.  Alongside our accompanied stalking we also have very good links with excellent pubs which offer rooms at a reasonable rate; please ask about accommodation in North Yorkshire when you contact us.

We will shortly be able to provide training such as DSC1, butchery and first aid.  Please view our training page for further information or to register an interest.

Yorkshire Deer Management provides a service which is beneficial to the land owner by providing a financially rewarding option to the much needed management of wild deer – which are currently undergoing a major population explosion.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe can offer management over any terrain covering arable land, stock farms, and forestry enterprises, traditional country estates, commercial orchards and small scale tree growers.

The service we provide means that we undertake all aspects of management including population census, equipment supply and installation, risk assessments, insurance cover, training and staffing.

We also have a new deer larder and butchery where we can prepare carcasses for your own consumption.

Why manage deer?

DeerDue to the fact that wild deer in the United Kingdom have no real threat from natural predators other than man, and the change in farming practices which now provide a year round food source, their numbers have grown remarkably over the last few decades meaning that now more than ever there is a need for them to be managed.

Deer are well known for the damage they inflict to forestry, and a grower who plants saplings without tree guards will find out why.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

But the damage they do isn’t restricted to young trees; they can and do strip bark from any tree including mature woodland.

There is also great concern to the damage done to the woodland floor with many native flowers and shrubs being grazed to the point where they can no longer survive, which then has a knock on effect to other animals, birds and insect life.

Deer are also carriers of Foot and Mouth disease, Bovine Tuberculosis and Blue tongue, and as they don’t abide by landowners boundaries, they can carry infection from farm to farm.